OERs in the national news

It was nice to read today’s joint JISC/HEA press release regarding our OER programme. It was also interesting to hear David Lammy’s words from several days ago about the new £20m open learning innovation fund for UK universities made at the launch of the Demos report, The Edgeless University.

My BDRA colleague Jai has written an eloquent blog today about the national implications of the Demos  report, and what it means for us at Beyond Distance in particular. I imagine it’s the same for all our institutional partners. It made me think what an exciting time to be working on a high-profile programme like this.

My OTTER colleagues and I are learning something new every day, and questioning quite a few of our assumptions.

On the technical side, I’m still trying to establish whether there is a way to monitor accurately downloads from a repository like our Plone site – where a resource can be downloaded with a simple right click – without site registration.

As our OER user-evaluation process will rely on voluntary feedback via a form, I’m thinking that we could ask visitors to Plone  to ‘tick this box if you have downloaded this OER’. If anyone else has a simple solution for measuring downloads, I’d love to hear about it.

Simon Kear


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