Plans for early trialling of OTTER OERs

Tania and I  really enjoyed yesterday’s 2nd Tuesday Elluminate session on  evaluation and  synthesis (we’re both new to the software) and found it very useful. It seemed to work really well, and was probably more productive than a physical meeting of 24 would have been. So many thanks to our moderators for the skillful moderating!

It was great to hear from the other teams, and  I really appreciated the helpful tips on measuring traffic and downloads, both of which have been causing me a little concern recently. It sounds like we’re all doing well in our projects.

Tania and I enthusiastically reported back to the other OTTERs this morning (all of whom will listen to the recording). Mainly, though, our short meeting was to map out our immediate plans.

Using Sahm’s workflow process, we’re planning to finalize a small number of OERs from five subject areas by the end of August. These will be presented first to the partners and then to a small validation team of potential users (students and educators), who will utilize our nascent feedback system. In addition, for this small pilot validation exercise, we will have a focus group for each type of user.

We will pull together all the information from this exercise – some of which I’m sure will include useful criticism and areas where we can improve the process and the OERs themselves – and present it at our first dissemination event in September. This will be an internal presentation to UoL staff on OERs and OTTER.

We intend that this event will raise the institutional profile of OERs and will increase the motivation of academics to participate, which was one of the topics of yesterday’s session. (It will also allow us to assess academic support as it stands at the time, based on attendance and the questions asked.)

An important part of this will be the next 2nd Tuesday event on metadata, which Sahm – who is currently on his way to Edge Hill University for tomorrow’s event – and Gabi will attend, with myself as an observer. I told Sahm how useful the brief side-discussion on metadata had been.

We have much to do, and will continue to share with you all anything we think you might find useful.



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