OTTER in August and September

I’ve just returned from a week’s leave, during which my fellow OTTERs have been as busy as usual.

Ale and I had a successful meeting this morning with the Department of Media  and Communication here at UoL to bring them on-board as additional OER partners. In fact, we’ve had to put a moratorium on further partner recruitment simply to allow us time to process (or OTTERise) the excellent materials we already have.

We’ve also had our first planning meeting for our internal dissemination event, scheduled for late September. Each of us will outline our individual roles to the delegates. We will also have a number of OERs in various formats and from a range of subjects to display.

We anticipate that this afternoon event will have two main functions: first, to explain the reasoning behind OERs and thereby (hopefully) allay the fears of academics who may, at present, be unconvinced; and second, to showcase the work of the OTTER project.

Further down the road, we’re hoping to meet up with our partner projects, perhaps by holding joint events, and certainly some of us will be taking up Steve’s offer to attend Nottingham’s OER conference later this year.  Apart from the other benefits, this would be an excellent opportunity to listen to representatives of OER Africa.

So plenty happening, as always. And looking forward to seeing everyone on the metadata 2nd Tuesday event today!

Simon Kear


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