CORRE: A framework for transforming teaching materials into OERS

We have been developing further the detailed CORRE framework, and thought it might be useful to post it in summary form for comments (click on the image for a larger version):

compact_corre copy

The rigorous attention to detail in the CORRE model can be seen in the accompanying CORRE Detailed Checklist, the detailed and specific workflow tool used by the OTTER team. Please note that this checklist may not be as transferable as the “broad brush-stroke” model shown above, and may require adaptation for use in different contexts.

Samuel Nikoi

3 Responses to “CORRE: A framework for transforming teaching materials into OERS”

  1. Lessons learned on OTTER « OTTER Blog Says:

    […] Coming from an editing background, one thing that clearly stood out was that the material – regardless of the OER format ultimately selected for release – needed to be ‘polished’, i.e. proofread and if necessary edited. In fact, a continuous process of polishing by many eyes was factored into CORRE. […]

  2. Lessons learned from collecting ‘OER candidate’ materials « OTTER Blog Says:

    […] is a by no means comprehensive list of lessons we’ve learned at the collection stage of the CORRE […]

  3. Education, education, education! « OTTER Blog Says:

    […] Additional guidance and more specific decision making tools to assist copyright compliant OERs can be found within the OER copyright guidance and resources mentioned above, but a more simplified Copyright/IPR workflow, to be used in conjunction, has been embedded within the CORRE detailed checklist.  […]

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