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OTTER presentation at Online Educa Berlin

10 December 2009

Last week at the Online Educa Berlin Conference, the OTTER project was discussed in two sessions. I gave a short overview of OTTER at the Learning Cafe session, in which all of the Beyond Distance projects were presented. Simon Kear then gave a more detailed account of the project in a panel presentation, alongside Andy Beggan from the BERLiN project at the University of Nottingham, and Uwe Spangler from the IE Business School in Madrid.

The OTTER presentations led to some interesting discussions. Members of the audience talked about the need to have a system in place for dealing with outdated material, particularly in theĀ  medical field, where knowledge is constantly being updated. Delegates also shared ideas on the role that OERs can play in enhancing an institution’s image, and marketing courses or programmes.

For a description of other conference highlights, see the Beyond Distance team blog.

Gabi Witthaus