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Award-winning OTTERs

28 October 2009

Yes that is indeed correct: you are reading the blog of the award-winning OTTER team. Admittedly the prize was a box of chocolates but it was a prize nonetheless. What exactly did we win this award for? Well for having the winning entry in the virtual poster competition that was run by JISC as part of the OER Interim Meeting on the 20th October. You can view all the other competitors alongside our winning entry here:

I’ll stop bragging about the award-winning OTTERs now and talk about the poster in more detail. We wanted something that would stand out and that would be memorable so we took a more humorous approach by choosing to include representations of ourselves in the poster. We’re each being asked a key question by a panic stricken lecturer struggling to juggle all her commitments alongside being asked to make their resources open. The questions are answered by the relevant OTTER expert who provides the detail required in a clear concise manner.

The poster also provides an opportunity to welcome the two newest OTTER members: myself and Richard Mobbs. We’re both working as Learning Technologists for the team. It’s also, with regret, a farewell to a former OTTER, Simon Kear, who is now our resident Zookeeper.

OTTER Virtual Poster Slide 1
OTTER Virtual Poster Slide 2

The OTTER team are always available to answer any questions you might have on OTTER and OERs, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment in the blog.

Emma Davies
Learning Technologist



8 May 2009

Yet another brick from the crumbling wall of 20th century learning is loosened today. To be replaced by an ambitious OTTER! We’re delighted to be part of finding out what happens when the old style non-accessible, carefully covetted and protected resources for learning are released into the great pool of shareable knowledge.

In a new world of learning, Open Educational Content, facilitated by new ideas on licensing, reuse and repurposing, is made free to use or share, and teachers and learners can share what they know. Of course we know it’s not easy. Of course we know there are challenges. Of course the technology needs testing. That’s what we’re going to do with colleagues across the University of Leicester.

Please come back often and see how wet we get.

Gilly Salmon